Benjamin Logan arrived in Kentucky Co. Virginia in 1775 where he established Logan’s Fort in what is now Stanford, KY.   It was one of the first three forts on the frontier, along with the forts at Harrodsburg and Boonesboro.  In March 1776 Logan moved his family to St. Asaph’s which was the town at Fort Logan.  Logan was appointed Sheriff of Fincastle Co. and was also commissioned a Captain in the County Militia.

In 1777 Logan’s Company defended against many attacks of Indians.  Logan’s Fort sustained the longest siege of any that year.  Some of the men under Logan’s command went to fight with George Rogers Clark.  In 1779 Logan and his men went with Col. Bowman to attack the Indian town of Chillicothe.  Though the raid was not successful, they did get horses and his men were paid in plunder.  Logan was also in command of the Lincoln county militia at the battle of Picaway, under General George Rogers Clark in August of 1780. 

The time period we have chosen is March 1777.  This not only represents the establishment of Kentucky Co. but also the first militia muster of said county.  Indian attacks also increased at this time.  The men of Logan’s Co. wore garments of the civilian frontier - moccasins or shoes, breeches, trousers, breechclout, leggings, hunting shirts, neck stock, neckerchief and a round or tri-cornered hat.  They wore waistcoats, shirts and breeches when they had them.

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