Frequently asked questions

How can I get started?

We'd like to have you join our unique hobby as a member of our company. The easiest way is to find an event and join us. We will get the basic essentials together for you to give it a try.You will be introduced to military camp life of the 18th century. Joining a military re-enactment unit may seem intimidating but we will make it as easy and as inexpensive as possible for you. This hobby is not limited to men-at-arms. We encourage you to bring your spouse and/or family into this hobby with you.

What equipment will I need to reenact?

Here is a list of suggested equipment. You don't get everything all at once but here are some essential items:

Knee Breeches, Trousers, or Leggings




Shoes buckle, moccasins, shoe packs

Hat - fatigue, slouch, three corner, etc.

Musket or Rifle

Cartridge Box and Belt or Shotpouch

Garters for stockings

Waistcoat or Hunting Frock

Blanket or Bedroll

Eating Equipment and Utensils



Belt Axe or Tomahawk

Note: All edged weapons must be covered as safety is our first concern

Musket or Rifle Cleaning Kit