Recommended Reading

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Daniel Boone by John Fargher

Daniel Boone by John Bakeless

Background to Glory by John Bakeless

Journal of Nicholas Cresswell


Westward into Kentucky The Journal of Daniel Trabue


Benjamin Logan by Talbert

Notes on the settlements and Indian Wars by Joseph Doddridge

The Carolina Backcountry on the Eve of the Revolution by Chas. Woodmason

Membership Forms

Note: Logan's Company is jointly-affiliated with both the Brigade of the American Revolution and the Northwest Treaty Alliance. 

In order to participate in any NWTA or BAR event, a Logan's Company member must also be a member of the group sponsoring that particular event.  There are some joint NWTA/BAR events.  The are some unaffiliated events as well which would be open to any Logan's member. 


First complete the Logan's Company Membership Application and then complete the appropriate umbrella organization application (NWTA, BAR, or both) and send that information to the company clerk.  A check for annual dues will be payable to the company clerk who will send a single company check to each organization.  The company clerk can also answer your questions.

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Forms and Newsletters

NWTA Membership Application

Brigade of the American Revolution (BAR) Membership Application

Logan's Company Annual Membership Application (fillable PDF)

BAR Barshot Newsletter. (PDF) What is happening with the upcoming 2019 season